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Adobe Acrobat X Pro V10.0 [RePack] (Multilingual,Preactivated) [ Kk ] sophjaw




I’ve been using PDF reader for a while now and I’ve been happy with it. I also found that the Acrobat and the Reader were too bloated for my phone and want to move it back. Some of my issues with Acrobat X are, the app is slow and heavy, font sizes are hard to read, layout options are bad and some other minor things. So I decided to remove everything except the core essentials and leave only the default options and add a few tweaks to make it more functional and faster on my phone. :D So this is how I made it, and most probably you too. Some notes:- ● All strings are translatable in the app, and the app itself is multilingual, so you’ll get all the settings in your native language ● The acrobat is only open once per app so I’ve added some code to do this (you can remove this if you wish) ● All fonts (especially the phone’s default font sizes) are too big for my phone, so I’ve found the smallest ones by default in every locale ● The font settings are only for the phone default fonts, so remove them if you use your own. ● I’ve found that if the phone is full of apps, it always sucks battery and makes the phone slower, so I’ve added some code to only keep the core essentials on my phone. ● The phone will not restart if you remove the acrobat app, so you’ll need to close and open it to use it the next time. ● This is a preactivated app, so you’ll need to follow the instructions on your device to use it. ● The 4.7″ is almost full and not available to use for any apps. ● The Phone info uses the Network operator’s data plan, so you may not get 100% correct info. ● Some things are still missing to make it better. For example, the layout option and checkboxes are still hard to use. ● The reader is also hard to use, but that’s another story. ● The app is not a rooted app. ● I only have the Google Play market installed on my device, so all the non-English stuff is just the default strings and not translated. ● Use this app at your own risk.




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Adobe Acrobat X Pro V10.0 [RePack] (Multilingual,Preactivated) [ Kk ] sophjaw

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