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What will the Party Leader do?

Your party leader will be trained in leading parties for large numbers of children and will create a truly magical atmosphere and memorable experience for all! They will arrive dressed in costume from your chosen theme, explain their mission to the children, get them super excited and ask for their help. Then the leader will "train them up" as fellow Superheroes/Popstars/Princesses or whatever your chosen theme is and lead the children through a jam packed hour of high energy, exhilarating and hilarious drama games! If you have booked a 2 hour party then we advise a break of 30 minutes or so for food and cake, then finish off with a final half hour of more drama games, traditional party games or even a mini disco dance! 

- Please be assured that the leader will be responsible for entertaining the children at the party and will be captivating, inclusive & inspiring. Given the type of games and activities that they will provide there is no need for any extra activities as these will only distract the children from joining in with the main event!

- Your party leader will not be responsible for planning the whole party. Party invites, decorations and refreshments etc should be organised by yourself. They will however happily discuss the occasion in detail with you and help you to plan your perfect party, perfectly!

As Inspire Parties has no control over the venue or environment of Party activities, Inspire Parties accept no responsibility for problems relating to:

a) The space for the Party activities not being of a sufficient size;
b) The ratio of children to Party Leader being too large (we advise a maximum of 25 to 1);
c) Inadequate control of the Party due to disruption of the activities, e.g. parents talking when sharing the same space as the children (or bouncy castles/balloon makers/face painters etc) 
d) Failure to provide accurate details on location or the address of the party venue; or
e) Failure to inform us of any special issues in advance.

How many children can we invite to the Party?

You may invite as many children as you like to the party but one leader is able to entertain a maximum of 25 children. If the party is any larger, a second leader would be required at an additional cost. 


Where can I host the Party?

You'll need to find a suitable venue for the party, whether that's in your home or another venue of your choice.  

It's best to create a clear, safe space (we recommend around 9x7 meters) free from any obstacles or hazards for the activities to take place. 

If you are having the party at home please make sure the space is big enough for the number of guests invited to run around as our parties are fast-paced and high-energy! Please also ensure all ornaments or breakable objects are removed from the party room or put out of reach. 

Can parents stay to watch the Party?

To ensure all children join in and feel involved in the party activities we kindly request that only one or two parents stay in the room during the party as too many grown-ups can distract or inhibit the children. It would be helpful, therefore, if party guests' parents either drop and go or stay in an alternative room in the venue. 


All our party leaders are PVG checked and will run the entertainment themselves. We advise that one or two parents (most likely the parents/guardians of the child having the party) are on hand in the party room at all times. He or she will be ultimately responsible for the wellbeing of the children attending the party.

How much does an Inspire Party cost?

Inspire Parties with one leader costs £150 for one hour. For a two hour Party with one leader the cost is £230. Depending on location some bookings may incur a small travel fee. Longer Party durations may be organised at our discretion.  Payment for the Party must be paid within one week of booking.  If full payment is not received within one week of booking the Party, Inspire Parties reserves the right to cancel the booking.   

All prices include VAT.


If you have booked an Inspire Party and now wish to change the date or time, you may do so without cost providing:

a) Inspire has not booked a Party Leader for the Party at the time of notification; and

b) Another Party Leader is available at the new time.

- Please note that the Party Leader has been booked for the time requested. Please do not try to change the time on the day or ask them to stay longer. If you need to amend any timings then please call us as soon as possible on 07854481585 or email us at here.

What if I now wish to cancel the Party?

If you have booked an Inspire Party and now wish to cancel:

Between the time of booking and up to 2 weeks prior to the Party - Inspire will refund 50% of the total paid, as it is necessary to cover the cost of paying the Party Leader.

Any cancellation within 2 weeks of the Party date - Inspire Parties reserve the right to keep the full payment.

I'd like to find out more about your Parties...

If you have any further questions or you'd simply like to chat to us about your party needs please don't hesitate to get in touch. We're very happy to chat to you anytime to help you plan the perfect party for your child so it's a truly unforgettable day for all. Give us a call on 07854481585 or email us at here

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