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Weekly drama classes for 4 - 7s

At Inspire, we're passionate about child development.  Whether you're looking for a fun, new way to help your child build confidence, increase their concentration or simply to make new friends and give them a creative outlet in a supportive environment, our lively, fun-filled drama, dance and singing workshops are an excellent way to do just that! 

Our special curriculum of games and exercises are designed to develop our famous 4 Cs - Concentration, Communication, Coordination and of course, Confidence! Classes are made up of 3 sections: 

Move & Express:  This energetic section incorporates dance with quick reaction games and yoga-inspired balance and stretch exercises. All the activities are designed to improve children's coordination, core stability, rhythm, strength, balance and posture. Children will also benefit from greater self-assurance and confidence. 

Listening & Voice:  Using a humorous approach and lively exercises our Vocal Warm Ups allow children and teenagers to lose their 

inhibitions quickly. Working closely on vital Communication skills such as listening, concentration, projection, expression, clarity and diction, this is a fun way of helping Students to develop strong, healthy, confident Voices for both on stage and in everyday life.

Create & Explore:   Our drama section, where children explore their imaginations and embark on high-energy, thrilling adventures. Children learn best through play so that's why we explore characters, storylines and enjoy role-play improvisations. We can see a real increase in children's attention, confidence, creativity and speaking skills through this section.

Every term children explore a brand new theme to keep their imaginations fizzing! So whether it's Superheroes, Mermaids & Pirates,  The Enchanted Forest, The Wild West (or many more!) there's sure to be something for everyone. Find your nearest venue here or book a Free Trial to see what your child could gain from our workshops. 

Weekly drama classes for 7-12s

Led by professionally trained actors, dancers and singers our 7-12s classes are a unique, stimulating combination of high-energy movement and dance games, singing exercises and acting improvisations. Dedicated to helping young minds and bodies grow our 7-12s classes are designed to build confidence, improve mental focus and motivation, both at home and in school, and develop vital life-skills, invaluable to their futures.

Our 7-12s curriculum was developed specifically for this age range and works to develop our 4 Cs - Concentration, Communication, Coordination and Confidence. Classes consists of: 

Movement & Dance: 

Our energetic Dance routines and Movement exercises are designed to improve co-ordination, rhythm,

strength, balance and posture, explore physical character traits and body language, and express themselves confidently through music, movement and dance. Students walk taller and exude confidence... and get fit in the process!

Singing & Voice: 

Using a humorous approach and lively exercises our Vocal Warm Ups allow children and teenagers to lose their 

inhibitions quickly. Working closely on projection, expression, clarity and diction this is a fun way of helping

Students to develop strong, healthy, confident Voices for both on stage and in everyday life.

Acting & Improvisation: 

This section includes a series of drama-based games and acting exercises designed to boost confidence, increase focus and improve social communication. We explore text, analyse characters & encourage critical thinking. The director will work on character, physicality and even accents! Whether it's a monologue or ensemble piece we ensure each Student receives the very best one to one tuition.

Over the course of each term our professional directors work with the children rehearsing songs, dances and scenes from a specially written show. They'll help them learn new skills and challenge them to do their very best in a supportive and fun environment.  On the final day of term children get the chance to perform and showcase all their hard work in a show that will delight family and friends. Why not book a Free Trial to see how your child could benefit from our workshops or find your nearest venue here.

New, This Summer - Weekly drama classes for 12 - 17s

For all those budding young actors, dancers and singers that just can't get enough of their National 4/5 or Higher Drama and want to hone their performing skills further, then taking direction from an industry professional is the best way to ensure a solid grounding in the Performing Arts. For this age range, we go further in-depth to character analysis, explore what it means to be "in the moment" and prepare the most committed of Students for a potential drama school audition process. For those that just want to have fun - well, we'll certainly provide that too! Each term culminates in an exciting performance where students have the chance to show off all their talents and hard work.  High - energy, exhilarating acting, dancing, singing workshops guaranteed to ignite their love for performing. Reserve your child's place now and book a Free Trial

New, This Summer - Adults Acting &

Laughter Therapy Classes for 18+

Who doesn't love to laugh!  Sometimes though when life just gets you down it's hard to even force a smile some days.  Laughter not only provides a full-scale workout for your muscles, it unleashes a rush of stress-busting endorphins. What's more, your brain can't distinguish between real and fake laughter - any giggle will do!  The therapeutic effects of laughter have been clinically studied since the 70s, but Dr Madan Kataria - who developed laughter yoga in Mumbai - is credited with bringing laughter therapy into the mainstream. Kataria set up the first laughter club in 1995. There are now more than 5,000 laughter clubs worldwide.  We're SO excited to be bringing our twist on Laughter Therapy to the people of Fife. In our fun-filled sessions, we'll combine a physical warm-up, yoga-based breathing and

stretches, followed by a range of acting improvisations designed to get you giggling.  Laughter doesn't come easily to everyone,

but luckily the body can't actually distinguish between real and fake laughter. So faking it has the same beneficial effect!

If you're undecided, remember this: Children laugh about 400 times a day, whereas adults manage a miserable 15.

So drop in and say "Hi!" to find out how our Acting & Laughter Therapy classes could do wonders

for your self-esteem, happiness and sense of well-being. 

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