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This section sets out the Terms and Conditions by which Inspire Theatre Workshops Ltd. agrees to provide products and services to you and your child.


By enrolling your child at Inspire, you accept these terms and conditions ("Terms & Conditions") and sign your agreement to them as an ongoing agreement between you and Inspire (“Agreement").  It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with them before you book or purchase any product or service from us.


1. Introduction


1.1 The Agreement is made between the parent/guardian ("Parent", "you" or "your") of each enrolled student (“Student”, “Child”) by a Parent and Inspire Theatre Workshops Ltd ("Inspire", "we", "our", "us") and is valid at all times whilst the Student is enrolled on any Inspire activity and until such time as written notice is given in accordance with these Terms & Conditions.


1.2 We reserve the right to modify, cancel or append to these Terms and Conditions and upon doing so shall provide you with notification that there has been a change. The current Terms and Conditions always appear on our Website. On renewal of Sessions or purchase of any Inspire product or service, the most recent Terms and Conditions shall apply.


1.3 These Terms & Conditions apply to all of our Inspire Schools, Workshops, Holiday Courses, Parties and any additional products and/or services offered by Inspire for any Student (collectively "Inspire Activities”).


2. Definitions


2.1 ”Booked Session" is a Session that we have agreed, verbally or in writing, that your child may attend.


2.2 ”Inspire School" or "School" refers to all classes occurring on the same day at the same venue each week during Term-Time.


2.3 ”Trial Period" is a Consecutive Two Week Trial period we agree to provide in order to trial the class. 


2.4 ”Missed Session" is a Booked Session, no part of which has been attended by your child.


2.5 ””Make-Up/Catch-Up Session" is a one-off attendance at an Inspire School booked as a result of a Missed Session. In order to attend a Make-Up/Catch-Up Session at a particular venue on a particular day, you must inform your Inspire Producer or the office by 11am on the day you wish to attend. This is subject to availability in the class.


2.6 “Block” refers to a block of Booked Sessions, arranged by us and paid for by you which occur at a particular School for a specific duration. Block lengths can vary due to Term Dates.


2.7 “Instalment” refers to one or two parts of a full payment for a Block of Sessions, if allowed by Class 4 Kids.


2.8 ”Inspire Party" or "Party" refers to themed drama, dance and singing activities facilitated by us on premises provided by you.


2.9 ”Registration Form" is the electronic form we provide for you to check and complete using our "Class 4 Kids" booking system before you attend a Trial Session, Holiday Course, or book a Block of Sessions and before leaving your child with us.


2.10 “Holiday Course" or “Course” is a holiday course offering drama, dance and singing activities for a certain amount of hours per day for a period of between one and five consecutive days during half terms or end of term holidays.


2.11 ”Producer" refers to the producer of a particular Inspire School, Workshop or Course.


2.12 “Teacher” or “Leader” refers to the leader of a particular School, Workshop, Course or Party.


2.13 ”Term" refers to one normal academic term of Inspire Theatre Workshops during which Sessions are run.


2.14 ”Term Dates" refers to the dates for the relevant Term, or following terms. 


2.15 ”Waiting List" is a list maintained by us comprising children who wish to attend a particular Session which is over-subscribed.

2.16 "Class4Kids" is the Booking & Admin Management Software used by Inspire Theatre Workshops.

The following provisions shall apply in relation to Workshops only.




3.1 We will offer your child Two Consecutive Paid Trials in a Class of their choice. This is providing:


a)   There is availability in the Class;

b)   Your child is of the correct age for the relevant class;

c)   Your child has not previously attended any other Trial Session (free or paid), Session or Holiday Course


3.1.2 You must book your Trial Sessions in advance via our Class 4 Kids system, by email, by phone or online via our Website.


3.1.3 At the time of booking, the first of the two week Trial Sessions must take place during the upcoming two weeks of Term-Time.


3.1.4 You must provide us with such contact, identification and health details as are requested by us so that we can assume responsibility for your child during the Session.


3.1.5 You must check and electronically sign/submit the Registration Form on your Class 4 Kids account prior to the Trial Session ensuring that it is accurately and fully completed. Inspire accepts no responsibility for any problems arising from out of date or incorrect data held by us for you or your child. If your details change you must update your Class4Kids profile and inform the Inspire office or your Inspire Producer immediately in writing.


3.1.6 If your child refuses to take part in the Session, one further Two Week Trial Period may be arranged at our discretion.


3.1.7 Once your child has attended a Trial Period in whole or in part, additional Trial Sessions can only be arranged at our discretion.


3.1.8 "Bring/Recommend a Friend" offer. Every Inspire child is welcome to invite new friends to classes at any time (subject to available spaces within the recommended's chosen class). This does not need to be for the same class or venue your child attends. When recommending a friend, please note that the family you've recommended us to must mention your name at time of booking in the "how did you hear about us?" section, in order for both parties to receive one free class credited to their account for future use, upon the recommended child signing up. 

3.1.9 You'll receive one free class for each new family you recommend (not per friend) and only once the new family has paid their child's balance in full following their Trial, will both accounts be credited.

3.2.0 This offer is unlimited and you are able to invite / recommend as many new families to Inspire as you wish. There's no limit on how many free classes you can accumulate. Each family you recommend to Inspire must have not attended any Inspire activities prior to them booking their Trial Sessions with us. 

3.2.1 Where you pay by monthly subscription the cost of the free class(es) owed will be refunded to your payment card, minus Stripe fees (1.5% + 0.20p)

3.2.2 Sibling Discounts are automatically applied at checkout on any Class4Kids order only where two or more siblings are added to the same order. 

3.2.3 Only one discount can be applied per child. If you have a discount code this cannot be used on the entire order in conjunction with any existing discounts i.e sibling discounts. 

3.2.4 Bursary places are awarded on a case by case basis, subject to availability in the catchment area and pending submission and approval of an accurate Bursary form application. We have a limited number of bursaries available, designed for children from low income families to participate in Inspire weekly classes who would benefit most from our activities. T-shirts must still be purchased in order for your child to attend.


3.2.5 Being awarded an Inspire Bursary means you will comply with our need for discretion. Failure to maintain confidentiality around your child's Bursary place may result in you being removed from the Bursary scheme. 



3.2.1 Booked Sessions


3.2.2 Your child can be booked in to Sessions at any time during Term Time, even if there are only a few weeks left of Term. These Booked Sessions will be calculated by the Class 4 Kids management software on a Pro-Rata basis. Thereafter, once the Term has ended, your child will be auto-enrolled into the new Term and you will be invited to make payment for that new Term. You may also make more regular payments by signing-up to a Subscription Agreement whereby you can pay monthly. Sessions will run on consecutive weeks during Term-Time, taking a break for holidays or the October half term.


3.2.1 Details of Inspire Term-Time dates can be found on our Website/Facebook page/Class 4 Kids page. It is your responsibility to make yourself aware of these.




3.3.1 To secure a Student’s place at a particular Inspire School, full payment for the remaining sessions in the term is required upon booking. This is calculated by Class4Kids on a pro-rata basis.


3.3.2 The full cost of Booked Sessions minus any agreed discounts must be paid before the Block of Booked Sessions commences, and by one of the following methods in order to secure and retain your Child’s place in the Class:


  1. Online through our secure booking/payment system (Class4Kids)

  2. Bank Transfer

  3. Cash


3.3.3 Please note that we don't accept cheques.


3.3.4 If full payment is not received by the second session of the Block we reserve the right to suspend all further Sessions, refuse to admit your Child to the class, and pursue payment for the full amount agreed at the time of booking.


3.3.5 If the Class is fully subscribed and full payment is not received by the second session of the Block you risk losing your Child’s place in the Class.


3.3.6 An Inspire School may, at its discretion, offer the sibling(s) of a Student currently attending a particular Class at the same time, a sibling discount of up to 20% on Session fees. This discretionary sibling discount will only apply if Inspire is notified of the sibling relationship at the time of registering for a Free Trial Session. Only one discount may apply against the Session fees for an individual Child at any one time.




3.4.1 Renewal payment is due before the end of the Block of Booked Sessions in order to secure a Student’s place in the Class for the following Term. If payment of either the whole Term or a Monthly Subscription is not received/set up by the final Session of the Block of Booked Sessions, no further Sessions will be booked and the Student will automatically be withdrawn from the Class. Further attendance will require rebooking which is subject to availability.




3.5.1 If your Child cannot attend any particular Inspire Session please notify us either by telephone or in writing and we will arrange a Make-Up Session for the time missed. Make-Up Sessions are only able to be taken at another Inspire School during the Child's Block of Booked Sessions and cannot be tagged on to the end of a current Block. 




3.6.1 You may cancel your child’s Sessions at any time and for any reason. In the event that you wish to cancel any untaken Sessions, you must notify us in writing at at least three days before the Child's next Session. The cancelled Sessions will then be credited to your Inspire account for future use (minus 4.6% Class4Kids fees plus a £10.20 administration fee) for any of our Inspire Activities ie Holiday Courses, Parties, Workshops. 

3.6.2 In the event of cancellation at the time of auto-enrolment, we require the same 3 working days notice before your child's next session of the following term, to avoid being charged for the first two untaken sessions of the new term, before we assume your child is not returning. We reserve the right to cancel your booking, pursue payment for the untaken sessions, and release the space.

3.6.3 We do not allow refunds on the cancellation of booked sessions.

3.6.4 The following applies to Holiday Courses only:


If you have booked a Holiday Course with us and now wish to cancel your Child's space:

a)   If you inform us more than three weeks before the commencement of the Course, we will credit your Inspire account with 50% of the amount paid.  Any additional payments will be refunded if required.

b)   If you inform us between one and three weeks before the commencement of the Course, you will forfeit 50% of the amount paid. We will credit your account with the other 50%.

c)   If you inform us less than one week before the commencement of the Course, you will forfeit the entire amount paid for the Course.



3.7.1 The relevant Inspire T-shirt must be purchased and worn by the Student to every Inspire Activity (save Parties) as well as suitable footwear. We reserve the right to refuse admission without refund if a child is not wearing the appropriate attire.




4.1 The personal data (as it is defined in the Data Protection Act 2018) of a Student and/or Parent submitted on your Registration Form will be processed by Inspire, Class4Kids, and/or the Producer of its Inspire School for the purposes of administration, research, in relation to the provision of teaching services in drama, dance and singing.


4.2 Inspire will only share this information with external agencies (for example organisations with responsibility for children's safeguarding) when required or permitted to do so by law.


4.3 Inspire will not disclose personal data to third parties for marketing purposes although we may use personal data for our own marketing and business development purposes, including for the purposes of advertising and promoting new products and/or services by Inspire.


4.4 Parents who do not wish to receive marketing communications from Inspire should inform in writing. 


4.5 Inspire Theatre Schools may, from time to time, take photographs and film footage of Students during Workshops, Holiday Courses, Parties and performances solely for use in Inspire marketing and publicity material. Inspire will not make such photographs or film footage available of any Student who objects, or whose Parent objects. Objections should be made in writing and sent to your Producer. The Child's Class4Kids Registration Form must also be signed with this objection.


4.6 Inspire Theatre Workshops owns all the rights, title and interest in and to its websites, including software, text and media and its trademarks, logos and brand elements. Nothing within these Terms & Conditions affects or licences the ownership of these rights.




5.1 Students participate at their own risk and are obliged to inform Inspire and their Producer and Leader of any existing injuries or medical condition. All Registration Forms must have any known medical conditions/allergies/health matters clearly stated and any changes to such information must be notified to Inspire immediately in writing.


5.2 Any medication left at the School premises must be clearly labelled and the Student should, unless Inspire has agreed in writing otherwise, be able to administer it themselves. 


5.3 If a Student is unwell or has an accident requiring emergency treatment, the Parent will be contacted via the emergency contact details provided on the Registration Form. This number must always be contactable whilst the Student is attending the Inspire Activity.


5.4 Parents are solely responsible for ensuring that the emergency contact details on Inspire and Class4Kids records are accurate and up to date.




6.1 Students are obliged to take care of their own belongings. Inspire can accept no liability for lost or damaged belongings.


6.2 You acknowledge that the maximum aggregate liability of Inspire to a Student or Parent under these Terms & Conditions shall not exceed the Inspire Activity fee to which a claim relates. 


6.3 The liability of Inspire and that of its staff is restricted to class time only and then only to gross negligence. 




7.1 Inspire may, at its own discretion, refuse a Student entry to an Inspire Activity if it is felt that the Student's behaviour is unacceptable.


7.2 Inspire reserves the right to make changes to the timetable and to the teaching staff from the advertised programme in the event of illness or other circumstances beyond our control.


7.3 Where a session of an Inspire Activity has to be cancelled by Inspire, your Producer will give you as much notice as possible. In the event of a last minute session cancellation, you will be notified by email, text message, a call to your mobile phone or through a designated Inspire social media site. You must ensure that your Class4Kids profile holds up-to-date contact details.


7.4 It is occasionally necessary to change the time and/or venue of an Inspire Activity session. This will only be done if absolutely necessary and Inspire will do its best to keep class times and locations as similar as possible but unfortunately, this cannot always be guaranteed.


7.5 In the event that a Student is unable to attend an Inspire Activity, due to sickness, holiday or a decision by the Parent or Student not to attend, Inspire regrets that it is unable to refund any payment.


7.6 It is your responsibility to ensure that we have current contact details for you and all adults authorised to pick up your child. You must also inform us of any changes in the health or other relevant circumstances of you or your child.


7.7 We may accept any instructions which are given to us regarding a child from anyone who is nominated as an authorised adult on the Registration Form for that child.


7.8 All Students must be collected on time after a Session. Inspire is unable to supervise Students after a Session and consistent late collection will result in additional charges. 


7.9 Inspire Activity fees are reviewed annually and may be increased each year.




8.1 Any failure by us to exercise or enforce any right or provision of these Terms and Conditions shall not constitute a waiver of such right or provision.


8.2 If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is found by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or unenforceable, the parties nevertheless agree that the court should endeavour to give effect to the parties' intentions as reflected in the provision and that other provisions remain in full force and effect.

8.3 The Agreement shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of Scotland and any dispute, proceedings or claim shall fall within the jurisdiction of the Scottish courts.

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