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Inspire Theatre Workshops provides innovative, exciting Performing Arts classes to children and teenagers. Passionate about child development and nurturing our students' confidence, our workshops are designed to boost social and performing skills through Drama, Dance, and Singing.

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Weekly Drama, Dance, & Singing Classes held via ZOOM.


Weekly Drama, Dance, & Singing Classes for 4-7 year olds


Weekly Drama, Dance, & Singing Classes for 7-12 year olds


Weekly Acting & Performance Classes for 12-17 year olds


Inspire Theatre Workshops 



Join us this LOCKDOWN as we go ONLINE to retell the wonderful story of HERCULES. Our 7-12s will work on a unique script written by our in-house playwrights, original, high-energy dance routines, and polish their vocal skills with some funky original songs, before performing in house over our current ONLINE PLATFORM, ZOOM. Directed by trained industry professionals, they'll learn performing-for-camera techniques, all while building their confidence, concentration and benefitting from some much needed social interaction during this bizarre time. It'll be a production to remember!


This LOCKDOWN our 4-7s are exploring a brand new world... 


Over our new ONLINE PLATFORM, ZOOM, children are having a WHALE of a time (excuse the pun!) whilst benefitting from some much needed social interaction and a big old confidence boost along the way too! They'll meet AJ as he gets swept out to sea and embarks upon an unforgettable adventure - under the sea! They'll party with all the sea creatures, including Dolly Dolphin, Tommy Turtle, Otis Octopus, as they try to help poor little Stella Starfish find her way home. We better watch out for the sharks and the Deep Sea Creature though... the ocean is no place for exploring solo! Will they be able to complete the mission and get Stella back to safety, and AJ back to a very worried Grandma Lily on the beach?! Book a Drop In ONLINE class now to join us and find out! 


We are so thankful we found your group — it has helped Lucy settle into our new life here and really helped her to continue to grow in confidence.

Thank you so much.

- Beth, Parent - Kinghorn

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