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Inspire Theatre Workshops provides innovative, exciting Performing Arts classes to children and teenagers. Passionate about child development and nurturing our students' confidence, our workshops are designed to boost social and performing skills through Drama, Dance, and Singing.

What We Offer

Inspire Theatre Workshops was founded in 2017 by Jen, a trained Actor and Performer from Fife, Scotland. Having over 15 years experience of teaching children in a variety of forms, ranging from coaching gymnastics, to teaching drama, dance and singing for various child development companies to leading children's birthday parties, Jen is delighted to be introducing her exciting new venture - brand new Acting, Singing and Dancing weekly workshops for

4 -16 year olds. Her simple aim - to help children realise their full potential.

"I have done quite a few different classes and groups with my children but this is without a doubt the most professional, well run and organised, by far. Jen is fantastic. She is enthusiastic, professional and my son adores her. She runs the class excellently. My son has had many more mature group leaders at other classes previously who do not command nearly as much respect. The classes are a great balance of discipline and fun and my son comes out completely engaged and enthused. It's a great end to his week and start to the weekend!"

4 - 7 s  Curriculum

Move & Express

This energetic section incorporates dance with quick reaction games and yoga-inspired balance and stretch exercises. All the activities are designed to improve children's coordination, core stability, rhythm, strength, balance and posture. Children will also benefit from greater self-assurance and confidence. 

Listening & Voice

Using a humorous approach and lively

exercises our Vocal Warm Ups allow 

children and teenagers to lose their 

inhibitions quickly. Working closely on vital Communication skills such as listening, concentration, projection, expression, clarity and diction, this is a fun way of helping Students to develop strong, healthy, confident Voices for both on stage and in everyday life.

Explore & Create

Our drama section, where children explore their imaginations and embark on high-energy, thrilling adventures. We believe children learn best through play so that's why we explore characters, storylines and enjoy role-play improvisations. We can see a real increase in children's attention, confidence, creativity and speaking skills through this section.

So... fancy giving it a try? Why not come along for a Free Trial Session to find out what's so different about Inspire, and what your child could gain from our lively workshops.

7-12s Curriculum

Dance & Movement

Our energetic Dance routines and Movement exercises are designed to improve co-ordination, rhythm, strength, balance and posture, explore physical character traits and body language, and express themselves confidently through music, movement and dance. Students walk taller and exude confidence... and get fit in the process!

Singing & Voice 

Using a humorous approach and lively exercises our Vocal Warm Ups allow children and teenagers to lose their 

inhibitions quickly. Working closely on projection, expression, clarity and diction this is a fun way of helping Students to develop strong, healthy, confident Voices for both on stage and in everyday life.

Acting & Improvisation

This section includes a series of drama-based games and acting exercises designed to boost confidence, increase focus and improve social communication. We explore text, analyse characters & encourage critical thinking. The director will work on character, physicality and even accents! Whether it's a monologue or ensemble piece we ensure each Student receives the very best one to one tuition.

So... fancy giving it a try? Why not come along for a Free Trial Session to find out what's so different about Inspire, and what your child could gain from our lively workshops.

Wait! There's more...

12 - 16s   WORKSHOPS

For children and teenagers that just can't get enough of their high school drama classes and want to hone their performing skills further, then taking direction from an industry professional is the best way to ensure a solid grounding in the Performing Arts. For this age range we go further in depth to character analysis, explore what it means to be "in the moment" and prepare the most committed of Students for a potential drama school audition process. For those that just want to have fun - well, we'll certainly provide that too! High -energy, 

exhilarating acting, dancing, singing workshops guaranteed to ignite their love for performing. 

Adults Acting & Laughter Therapy Classes

We strive to create a fun, supportive environment where children and adults alike have the opportunity to play, build confidence, make friends and have fun. Whether you're new to the area, or the country and want to meet new people and involve yourself in the community, or you have a past passion for performing that is itching to be rekindled, or you simply just want a creative outlet to forget all the stresses of the day and have a laugh, then we have the classes for you! We're SO excited to be bringing our take on Laughter Therapy classes and combining them with acting improvisations and drama exercises to boost confidence, social skills, and overall happiness! Interested? Find out more here...


This January,

Inspire Theatre Workshops 7-12s Present...


Join us this New Year as we retell the beloved story of Matilda. Our 7-12s will work on a unique script written by our in-house playwright, original, funky & moving musical numbers and high-energy dance routines, before performing to family and friends at the end of term. Directed by trained industry professionals, they'll learn stagecraft and performing techniques, all while building their confidence, concentration and social skills. It'll be a show to remember!

About Us

Meet The Director

This January our 4-7s are taking off on the adventure of a lifetime...


They'll meet the world-famous, Phileas Fogg, and embark upon a life-changing journey - to make it around the world in just 80 days! They'll visit many countries, meet amazing people and learn about different world cultures, sample delicious food, save some endangered animals like Rhona the Rhino in Africa, and finally make it to the Arctic to help stop the ice caps from melting. Will they be able to complete the mission to save our beloved Polo the Polar Bear in time? Book a Free Trial now to join us and find out! 

Our Goal

Achieving Great Things Together

At Inspire Theatre Workshops we strive to create a program that is engaging and responsive for every Student in a caring and supportive environment.


With a real focus on child development, which we believe to be just as critical in teenage years as it is in early years, our aim is to instil real confidence, self awareness, improved social and communication skills and a sense of well-being into our children. Using fun improvisation exercises and a humorous approach our unique workshops help children lose their inhibitions and insecurities quickly, and learn to deal with potentially difficult real-life situations better.


In a nutshell... the dance and movement section works to improve posture so children walk taller, exude confidence and posses a stronger sense of self-awareness, while the singing and voice section helps promote a strong, healthy voice and improve diction and clarity, and finally the acting and improvisation section works to boost confidence in social situations, improve communication skills, encourage spontaneity and creativity.


At the end of every term Students will perform to an audience of family and friends to showcase their work over the term. Putting on a show is a fantastically rewarding experience and children gain a huge sense of achievement and a real confidence boost from taking part! The skills our children and teenagers will learn won't just equip them to perform well in front of an audience, but to perform better in all aspects of everyday life.


I'm so excited to finally be able to revisit some of the amazing techniques I learned at drama school and pass them on to my students, to put my own spin on performing arts classes and offer something exciting and different to children and teenagers!


Would you like to learn more about our Workshops? Find out more by getting in touch here.



We are so thankful we found your group — it has helped Lucy settle into our new life here and really helped her to continue to grow in confidence.

Thank you so much.

- Beth, Parent - Kinghorn

Admissions and Enrolment

We’d love to see your child in attendance at our weekly workshops, and happily invite you to start the registration process. We offer a no-obligation Free Trial Session, so you and your child can get a better idea of what our classes entail before you make a commitment. Get in touch with any of your questions and to book a Free Trial today.

Class Venues and Times

Our Weekly Workshops take place at the following venues:

Mondays -   DALGETY BAY COMMUNITY CENTRE -  3.30-4.30pm  -  4-7 years

                                                                                            4.30-5.45pm  -  7-12 years

Mondays - CROSSGATES COMMUNITY CENTRE  - 4 - 5pm - 4-7 years

                                                                                         5pm - 6.15pm - 7-12s 

Tuesdays -   ABBOTSHALL CHURCH, KIRKCALDY -  3.30-4.30pm  -  4-7 years 

                                                                                           4.30-5.45pm  -  7-12years                                                                                         

Wednesdays - PARKGATE COMMUNITY CENTRE, ROSYTH  - 3.30-4.30pm - 4-7s 

                                                                                                             4.30-5.45pm - 7-12S

Thursdays - KINGHORN COMMUNITY CENTRE -    3.30-4.30pm  -  4-7years 

                                                                                          4.30-5.45pm  -  7-12years

Thursdays - ABERDOUR COMMUNITY CENTRE - 6.45-8.15pm - 12 - 17years

                                                                                        8.15-9.15pm - Adults Acting & Laughter Therapy*

Fridays -       THORNTON TOWN HALL -                    3.30-4.30pm  -  4-7years 

                                                                                         4.30-5.45pm   -  7-12years

Saturdays -  ABERDOUR COMMUNITY CENTRE -   9.30-11am  -  4-7years

                                                                                         11.15am-12.45pm - 7-12years





(venue information coming soon... watch this space!)


Classes cost £7.50 (weekdays) and £10.50 (weekends and 12-17s) and must be booked in advance, in blocks of 10.

We offer 20% sibling discount. **New venues have an introductory offer running for the first two weeks of Summer term. More info coming soon.

*Adults Laughter Therapy operates on a drop-in basis, of £7 per class, or a block of 5 for £30, which can be taken any time within a 2 month period from time of booking.


We’d be happy to provide you with more information about venues, class times and course fees at Inspire Theatre Workshops. Drop us a message here and we'll be in touch shortly. If you'd like to book a Free Trial Session for your child just let us know!



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