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Child Protection Policy

This policy relates to all Inspire staff including Teachers, Producers, Party Leaders, Office Workers, Volunteers, and anyone else authorised to carry out work on behalf of Inspire Theatre Workshops Ltd.

At Inspire we are committed to ensuring that every Child or Young Person who attends our workshops or activities has the right to feel safe and protected at all times. As a children's activity provider, Inspire Theatre Workshops recognises its duty of care under the Children and Young Persons Act 1963, the Protection of Children Act 1999, and the Protection of Children (Scotland) Act 2003.

Inspire and its staff recognise that abuse can take many forms, such as physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, or neglect. We strongly believe that no child, young person, or adult should ever experience abuse of any kind, and we promote the safety and wellbeing of these groups and individuals. We endeavour to ensure their safety at all times, but more specifically during any Inspire Activity in which they may be in attendance.

At Inspire we recognise that:


  • The safety and wellbeing of children, young people and adults is paramount.

  • All individuals, regardless of age, culture, gender, background, disability, racial origin, language, religion or belief, and/or sexual identity/orientation have the right to equal protection from all types of harm and abuse.

  • We have a responsibility to promote the welfare of all children, young people, and adults in our care, to keep them safe, and to work in a way that protects them.

  • Some individuals are particularly vulnerable because of the impact of past experiences, their level of dependancy, communications needs, or other issues.

  • Working in partnership with children, young people, parents/carers/families, and other protection agencies is essential in promoting the welfare of such groups and individuals.

  • All concerns and allegations of abuse should be taken seriously and responded to promptly and appropriately.

  • All Inspire members and employees should be clear on how to respond to such concerns/allegations appropriately.

Inspire Theatre Workshops strive to ensure the safety of all children, young people, and adults who attend our activities by:

  • Listening to, respecting, and valuing them without judgement.

  • Appointing a Designated Safeguarding Officer (DSO) to which all concerns/allegations be raised.

  • Safeguarding all children, young people, and adults by following Inspire Theatre Workshops Code of Conduct at all times.

  • Ensuring all staff are members of the PVG Scheme.

  • Providing support and guidance whenever it is needed for staff, volunteers, children, young people, and adults via the DSO.

  • Making this policy readily viewable at all times via our website Using our Child Protection and Code Of Conduct policies professionally to share concerns and relevant information with any appropriate person and/or agencies who may need to know.

  • Using our Child Protection and Code of Conduct policies and, if required, our Terms & Conditions policy to manage allegations against teachers and volunteers.

  • Creating and maintaining an anti bullying environment as per our Code of Conduct and ensuring that we have reporting procedures in place to help deal with any bullying indecencies appropriately, professionally and efficiently.

  • Ensuring that within reason, any service carried out by Inspire Theatre Workshops is done so in an appropriate, pre-checked location.

  • Recording, storing, and using information professionally and securely, in line with The Data Protection Act 2018.

  • Ensuring that our Policies and Procedures are reasonably kept up to date where and when it is possible and/or appropriate.


This policy should be read alongside our Code of Conduct policy.

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